Aussie Rules (AFL) is regarded as not only one of the hardest games on earth to play, but it is considered near impossible to keep accurate data without a legion of workers watching every play and every player. Obviously this kind of professional sports analysis are not available to local clubs and this is where Player DATA comes in to play.

The Player DATA program is designed to be as universal and scalable as possible. It makes it the perfect application for any committed player or parent to collect and analyse data as the game is being played. Never before has a coach, parent or recruiter had immediate access to data regarding players and stats for junior sports.


This App allows Recruiters to analyse the performance of selected players and even team and then compare it to their last game as well as their averages for the season.

Avoid travelling every week with the hope of finding the stand out player. This App does all the hard work for you.

Add to Favourites players and or teams that you have interest in, then simply click on the Favourites tab to view their last game, week before and even season stats. Once you are armed with this vital information, then you can decided to go and watch them in action!

No longer do you have to take someones word about certain players, look them up! If they have been using the App, it makes your job so much easier. Do your research then attend the game.


Live Stats include; Kicks.   Handballs.   Marks.   Tackles.   Goals.   Points.   Frees For.   Frees Against.   and much much more.